SEO (search engine optimization) Course

Learn the ins and outs of best SEO practices and what makes for an effective SEO Specialist. Let us help you become a complete and capable Internet marketer today.

Web Designing Course

Create professional and amazing looking websites using CMS. Design a full on service e-commerce and responsive dynamic sites for your clients and for your personal use.

Social Media Marketing Course

Put your online social skills into productive use. Earn money while having fun. Learn the right tools and skills to become an efficient and successful social media marketer.

About Us


Devlin Duldulao co-founder of Outsource SEO Philippines at Shoptalk ANC

Devlin Duldulao co-founder of Outsource SEO Philippines at Shoptalk ANC Channel

“More than anything else, my main motivation in establishing SEO Training Philippines is to help aspiring Internet Marketing specialist learn the best practices in this But as the co-founder of Outsource SEO Philippines, I soon realized that there is a shortage of good SEO specialist in the country, and so it dawned on me to set up this type of training company with the end-goal of making Filipinos not only gainfully employed but highly competent and competitive worldwide industry because I firmly believe that Filipinos already possess the innate skills and the right acumen to become very successful in this industry. We don’t need to go abroad in order to earn well and provide a good life for our loved ones.

For me, a good Internet marketing or an SEO specialist should have the following skills and knowledge: web development and image editing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.”

Ruby Jane

Ruby Jane co-founder of SEO Training Philippines

Ruby Jane co-founder of SEO Training Philippines

“The power and influence of social media will only grow exponentially from hereon. No one can escape it and everybody gets affected somehow, directly or indirectly. Everyone is already a social agent actually whether they like it or not.

And for me, if you’re already engaging and doing the rounds of the social media circle almost on a daily basis, then why not just make a career out of it? Because who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

As they say, if you love your work then you never have to work a day in your life. So if you’ve got the heart and mind to become a professional social agent, then we, at SEO Training Philippines, will help you, as Michael Stelzner puts it, “navigate the social media jungle.”

Because, yes Virginia, it’s a jungle out there. Like the legendary five-headed Hydra that is forever sprouting another head just as soon as you’ve killed one.”