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Why Xamarin is the best way to learn csharp c# this year?

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Why C# ( csharp )? Why Xamarin? And why here in the Philippines?

  • C# is an OOP programming language that is easy to learn
  • Xamarin is owned by Microsoft,
  • Philippines because Filipinos also speak English, low cost of living

Learn C# and mobile development at the same time through our Xamarin bootcamp  programhere in Philippines.

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It is necessary to be familiar with OOPS concepts for the Xamarin online training in Bangalore. Good knowledge of C# or .NET programming languages and concepts are mandatory for this course. Additionally, it is required for you to have an understanding of OS X usage and navigation. Enroll in this workshop, add to your skill set and excel in your career.

Course Coverage

Starting with Xamarin

  • Xamarin for Android
  • Microsoft acquires Xamarin
  • Activate the IDE for Xamarin development
  • Xamarin for Windows Phone
  • What is Xamarin?
  • Checklist for Xamarin development
  • General tour of Xamarin Studio
  • Use Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin for iOS
  • Explore the Xamarin tools in Visual Studio
  • Explore the Xamarin projects in Visual Studio
  • Explore the parts of a Xamarin Android app
  • Compare Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio IDEs


Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android

  •  iOS Application Structure
  •   Android Application Structure
  •   Native Platform features and Architectures
  •   iOS and Android Life Cycle
  •   How do Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android Interact and Compile to Native Environments.
  •     Calling native functions and libraries.
  •    Compiling and Running Native Builds.
  •     How do these Native SDKs differ from Xamarin Forms.



  • Basic Controls – Editor, Images, Labels
  • TableView Control and ListView Control
  • Custom Controls For each platform
  • Accessing Native Controls via Dependency Service and Dependency Injection


Web Services

  •    Web View Control
  •    Accessing Web Services on each platform


Platform Tweaks

  •    Accessing Native Features of platforms
  •    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Communications
  •    Using Compiled Libraries (Subject to Source, target platform and format of library).
  •   Using Dependency Services for Platform Specific Libraries


Cross-platform options

  •   Shared Projects
  • PCL Solution

Xamarin Forms

  • Introduction to Forms
  • Xamarin Forms XAML basics
  • Building Controls with XAML and C#
  • Data Binding
  •  Working with Controls
  • Controlling Styles and Custom Controls

Database Access

  • The Native Directory Structures
  •  Using SQLite with different platforms in PCL
  •   Using SQLite with different platforms in Shared Project
  •    Accessing Application Folders and Shared Folders
  •   Adopting the Code to Platform specific Folder structure
  •   Accessing resources from Shared resources

Accessing application resources

  •    Accessing resources from Android Project
  •    Accessing resources from iOS Project
  •    Accessing resources from Shared Code Project

 Wrap Up

  •    Optimizing the Compile Resources and Libraries
  •    Tweaking the compiler settings for Processing
  •    Localization using RESX Resource
  •    Testing and Publishing